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New WaterSense Fact

Installing high-efficiency faucets or faucet aerators could reduce a household’s faucet water by more than 500 gallons annually, can have a payback period as little as one year and could save between 2,850 and 8,500 gallons and as much as $50 over the lifetime of the product! In the future you’ll be able to look for WaterSense labeled faucets and faucet accessories like aerators. WaterSense labeled products perform as well as or better than other products in the marketplace and perform at least 20 percent more efficiently than their less efficient counterparts. Check USEPA Website for more information.



OK. The scale died and I had to buy my own. Got a WW one this time, paid a lot of money. It said I gained 5 pounds. Problem was, the scale at Allsport agreed with it! I kind of went off program when M went to Florida. I am back down, not all the way, but I am back into my J. Crew button fly jeans, for the second time, I was in them before the gain, and even though I feel ‘squeezed’ into them, they don’t feel as tight. Go figure. I have to go now, but I will try to be more regular posting here.

Heels r nice