Last weigh in I was 128.2 pounds. That a gain of 0.4 pounds. I know why, M and I went to Chevy’s on Saturday and I had the whole lunch. This week I read a post that when you eat out, you need to increase your water because of how much sodium is in restaurant food. I went on their website and checked the sodium level. She was right! That’s why I gained 1.4 pounds in a day. Saturday I was 126.8 pounds. Last night when I went home I ate: a grilled cheese sandwich, a brownie, some Doritos, some slices of pepperoni, drank a glass of milk. And as I was wondering if I should have more Doritos or another brownie, M. called to tell me she was coming home and I could go work out if I want to (I was watching her two youngest for her). It was a good thing, since now I definitely needed to! I’m just wondering how she knew I was eating all her food. Today I feel sick. But I think I just eliminated the problem.