Hi all. I had WI today. 127.2 pounds, down 0.4 pounds, total loss 12.8 pounds. To answer Barb’s question about where I was, Feb 5-7, (M-T-W) I was at the Marriott in Time Square, (no computer) Thursday and Friday I was home (Dial-up Internet connection). Tuesday I came home early and found Stitch in a panic cause the kitchen pipes for the hot water were frozen. Then on Thursday the furnace died. Friday morning I was too cold to get out of bed. So I didn’t get a workout in from Monday to Wednesday. Thursday I got a light workout in, Friday a little more of a workout, then Saturday I was cleaning the basement because they are supposed to be bringing a new furnace this week. I was going to go workout after but Fred starting bugging me about going with me to play racquetball and I didn’t want the extra pressure so I just said forget it and didn’t go. Sunday morning I made up for it with an hour long step aerobics class . My legs are sore. So that was my week. Oh, except I got a letter from my mother that upset me. Don’t ask, don’t ask, OK, you can ask, but I won’t answer. Thanks for listening, aren’t you sorry you asked now?

I am so glad to be back to my normal routine, almost, can’t do my laundry like I normally do. But I had my oatmeal and pineapple this a.m. instead of ½ an everything bagel with cream cheese and I will have my salad (I never in my life thought I would WANT to have a salad, actually look forward to it) for lunch. Hopefully things will start moving (to put it delicately, any other way would be TMI) and I will lose. I mean, I did lose, but only 0.4 pounds. Which means I have another 0.4 pounds to lose to make up for my gain 2 weeks ago. Took me a day to gain it, and at least 3 weeks to lose it. I am back on track, I went to a step aerobics class yesterday morning. The teacher is also my friend’s WW leader so she knows me so I have to do good. My legs are so sore, I am such a wimp. ♥♪