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When I first moved to the city I took a picture of me in front of my window to show everyone I had fucking arrived and now everything is fucking shit!

This is me now, so fucking fat and ugly. Thought living in the city was my dream. And it was, until it wasn’t.

I look out at these businesses and wonder, will any of them reopen? To illustrate my fear, the black building is a parking garage that temporarily closed during the construction of the 2nd Avenue Subway. It has not reopened.

March 16 was the first day of working remotely, NYS way of saying we are working from home. At first it was until March 30, it is now April 13 and I am still at home.

At first it was, Yay! No getting up early or having to get dressed! And it was fun. Then I started to think about all the things I wasn’t getting done. Not being able to pop by the brewery after work for a pint. The isolation is starting to wear on me.

And then started the petty annoyances, not being able to go anywhere, wanting to sew face masks and not having the supplies and nowhere to buy them. Ordering contacts and not getting them and it’s been a month. Ordering knitting supplies and having the store call me to say they can’t ship them.

Then things started to break, the home button on my iPhone, a knitting needle, and most heart rending of all, my laptop. Yes I am typing this on my iPad with an itty bitty keyboard. At least I have an iPad with a keyboard.

If any thing else breaks, I’m hiding under the bed until July.