Right now I’m at the Apple store. I’m here because I wanted to blog something. Something that was profound and I just had to put it down before I forgot, and I knew I would forget before I got home, so I came here, to use their Mac’s and write my profound thoughts and put them out here for all the world to see.

When I got on the Mac I got distracted, by, I don’t know, Kool-ade? Anyway, whatever it is, I have already forgotten the wonderful inspiration I was going to share with the world and since they are closing the store in 15 minutes I will never get it back.

Sometimes I feel like I a such a loser, it is no wonder I am all alone. Yes that is a lie, I have many friends and I live alone because that is what I prefer, but sometimes I wonder if I prefer it because I don’t want to be rejected by an potential mates.

That is not what I came on here to say. Maybe it wasn’t even this blog I wanted to say it on, maybe it was on my sports blog, some thought that had taken flight while I was at the game. It was a long game and well played and my team won leaving me with wonderful thoughts about life and …..

I have no idea what else I was going to say. I have to go now.