>Most of my allergies are not serious. There are a few foods that I absolutely positively cannot eat. What this means is I tend to ‘cheat’ a lot with certain foods.

Recently I joined WeightWatchers. I decided that beside watching how much I eat, I will also try hard to not eat foods I am allergic to. It can only make me healthier right?

Here comes the annoying part. I’m allergic to peanut butter, but I love crackers and peanut butter so I decided to pick up a jar of soynut butter. Its the closest in texture and taste. When I got to the grocery store, I went to the health food section to check the gluten free crackers (I am also allergic to wheat). The brand of gluten free crackers is called “Nut Thins” because it has nuts in it. Yes I am also allergic to nuts. So I went to get my P.G. Tips tea, some Ritz crackers and soynut butter. They only had one brand of soynut butter, kind of like they only had one brand of gluten free crackers. One had cinnamon and sugar in it, so I picked it up to read the ingredients, ‘sunflower oil’ (I don’t need to say it do I?). All the flavors had sunflower oil in them. Someone should tell them that people allergic to nuts are often also allergic to seeds!

Grumbling, I went to pay for my purchases, still craving peanut butter and crackers I went to another grocery store where not only did they have my preferred brand of soynut butter, they also had gluten free crackers I could eat! So next time, I will go to that store first.