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>Video from the beach


>I could sit up at the picnic tables where there is shade but not much breeze and biting flies, that seem to like the taste of me. Or I can sit on the beach where there a no flies & a breeze but the sand is burning my butt through a beach towel and my shorts and while the sun is not the burning Florida sun it is still rather intense.

Yes I know, I am always finding the good in life.

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>At the Beach

>This was Em’s idea, so we drove to CT. Brown sand and shells and nice waves lapping on the shore. This is not a beach, beaches have white pristine sand and waves that roar and pound the white pristine sand and people and seagulls and jellyfish dried up on the sand, and sharks! Where are the sharks? No sharks in CT.

Beaches also have wall to wall people, and the ladies don’t have flat butts that are falling out of their green bathing suits, and more seagulls then you can count. So we are spending the day at a non-beach.

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