I finished Innocent Graves, and now I am going to try to write a review. I am not posting anything more on yesterdays post, I can’t remember what I was going to say.

In this installment in the series, we meet Jeremiah (Jimmy) Riddle, a pain in Bank’s neck. This novel is different from the other books in that we go through the court process, and the suspect is found not guilty. As it turns out, he didn’t do it, but his life is ruined (because people think he did it and just got off) and he tries to kill the person he feels is responsible for it. It is sort of like an episode of CSI that just aired. The characters are carefully written is the phrase I have read in other reviews, and they seem to grow as the series progresses. I am trying not to include any facts that I learned because I read 3 books out of order. But in the next book, I think is Susan Gay’s last because I read the one after that and she is spoken of in past tense, like she has moved on.

Now I am done with the review, and I was going to write about my very bad, horrible day, but I don’t feel like it now. I lost my hat, I spilled tea on me, there was a 6.57 mg raw sewage spill into Paerdaget Basin. Sorry, no film at eleven.