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>Manic Monday #152

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Have a happy Monday everyone..

What gives you hope? Seeing a rainbow reminds me of God’s mercy and justice and that gives me hope.

How often do you get your haircut? Describe your worst haircut. Not often, every three or four months I would say, when the ends get so damaged I can’t get a comb through them is my timetable. My worst would be a toss -up between a curly red perm, and the ‘Farrah Fawcett’ look.

What’s your most treasured piece of jewelry? Why? My gold love knot ring. I have had it since before my sister got married. She has been married for 28 years. I know that is how long I have had it since I stole it off her dresser (LOL). And that is why it is my most treasured.

>Manic Monday #151

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What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are sick?

Depends on what I have, but I usually have a cup of tea, sometimes with honey and lemon, then take a nap.

What is the most amazing weather you’ve ever seen?

One winter here, in New York, we had almost no snow, until April 1. Then we got pounded, people lost power for up to two weeks.

Do you listen to music or talk radio in the car?

Music, I hate talk radio.