The reason I was going to Dutchess County was to go see Cold Play with my best friend and two of her boys. It was a graduation present for one of them. My friend had also planned a surprise for her other boy, they had an extra ticket that Em was going to ‘sell’ that was actually going to be for a friend of his that had been traveling.

She ran into traffic so we had to wait and make up excuses as to why we weren’t leaving. We walked out to the parking lot, Em knew her son’s friend was close, when we didn’t get in the car he yelled, “What are we waiting for?” A voice piped up behind him, “You’re waiting for me.” It was perfection.

At the concert we got wristbands to wear, ‘part of the show’ they kept flashing on the viewscreens, which were 4 oval discs seemingly suspended in the air. After Wolf Gang (follow them on twitter! @wolfgang and make sure you get the right Wolf Gang!) and Robyn we got to Cold Play. The arena was pitch black and the wristbands lit up. Whatever color the wristband were that was the color the lights were, blue, pink, green, yellow and white (Nick collected them after the show to see if he can figure out how they work). It was glorious.

My ears were buzzing for a day, my throat is still scratchy. People are jealous I got to go.